Algorithm and Programming

Start programming with the algorithm #1 What is an algorithm?

The algorithm is the basis for programming. The lack of mastery of the algorithm makes you a bad programmer. In the same way, the one who masters the algorithm is necessarily a good programmer. This article is intended for beginners in programming. In this article I explain what programming is and how it relates to programming.

An algorithm is a set of instructions following a logic to perform a given task. Tasks such as preparing an omelette, solving an equation or crossing a road, for example. Yes, you do the algorithm every day without knowing it. Let's take the example of preparing an omelette. To do this, we follow the following instructions:

  1. Break the eggs
  2. Beat the eggs to incorporate the yolk and egg white well
  3. Heat an oil pan
  4. Add the mixture to the oil
  5. Turn the omelette over
  6. Serve the omelette

Any algorithm produces a result, allows to solve a given task.

FRom the Algorith to the program

When we program, we write, algorithm, but in a language called programming language, called (algorithm) code. This code allows us to obtain a program that we generally call an application that will run on computers or calculators for example.

The algorithm is written according to a given syntax and its own structure that I will talk about in the next video.

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