money mobile phone scam

Arnaque par téléphonie mobile money

You receive a message in parentheses "you have received a sum the unknown number on your mobile money account" so obligated soldier will be increased by the sum transfer plus the amount available on your account. After a few minutes you receive a call from the number that was wrong recipient and begs you in every possible way to return the money. Here we have two cases some think it's their lucky day and no longer send the Somme but others with their good faith returns the Somme and what is weird those who decide to return the money are more scammed only those who decide to no longer return the money. But here it is it's tricky whether it's both cases it's a well-crafted plan that you decide or not to send me the money you can get ripped off so be careful if you decide to send the money you need that you consult your account to see the sum total first and before having access to your account it is necessary that you tap your password or the scam launched a request for debit on your account and if you put your word you pass the transfer and it means that it is you who sends money this message is only a glimpse watching the video and you will know how to do in this case because it may be true for that a person is wrong but tell him to go to an agency to avoid any problem

I advise you to follow the video to avoid this kind of scam and visit this site to all your relatives full of surprises is on this site for the better as its name say # HOWTODOSO # TOOGEEK thank you to your availability

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26 Nov